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Re: setf.scm

    Chris> But if YOU know that you will never re-define it, then why
    Chris> opt for a generic mechanism like setf? Just use
    Chris> (set-foo... ) instead. If you don't think things should be
    Chris> looked up N times inside some loop, then I guess you don't
    Chris> like OO things in general, because it's all about
    Chris> dynamically looking up types at run-time.

>What do you mean by generic, here?  Perhaps this is my CL experience
>confusing me, but when I hear generic in a Lisp setting I tend to
>think of generic function, and I see no dynamic dispatch here.

If you had a function
(define (inc-age obj) (let (years (age obj)) (setf! (age obj) (+ years
which can accept any object with an age member, do we need dynamic
dispatch of setf! ?