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guile's dynamic linking


>>>>> On Sat, 12 Dec 1998 15:27:13 -0800
>>>>> Todd Larason <> said:

The libtool manual node "Finding the dlname" says:

 > If your program uses this approach, then it should search the
 > directories listed in the `LD_LIBRARY_PATH'(1) environment
 > variable, as well as the directory where libraries will eventually
 > be installed. Searching this variable (or equivalent) will
 > guarantee that your program can find its dlopened modules, even
 > before installation, provided you have linked them using libtool.

 Todd> There is a mention of 'directory where libraries will
 Todd> eventually be installed', but no mention of how to find that
 Todd> directory.

For example, my "" contains the following:

	# Directory that this library needs to be installed in:

That should be it.

Guile 1.3 does not take LD_LIBRARY_PATH into account. This is clearly
a bug. Second, as it already scans the .la file, it should go all the
way, and use the libdir hint as well. This is not required, but would
certainly be a good idea. Checking the directory where the .la file
resides can be done last.


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