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Re: What's after guile-1.4? (was: Re: Questions... I am new to scheme)

On 11 Dec 1998, Greg Harvey wrote:

> Greg Harvey <> writes:
> > <rant> 
> > 
> > It isn't a mindset that I can really understand: among useful
> Oops, should've been can't.

I don't think this applies.  If you want a small cool language, try Lua.
If you want a small general purpose programming language... well, rNrs
Scheme is about as small as they come (of course you'd go nuts writing all
the "little things" needed for everyday programming.  silly, you'd wind
up with something like Guile anyway  ;)

	Jay Glascoe

JimB: how about "Cindy Crawford will be all over you if you use guile 
                 and drink GNU beer?" ;)