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Re: autogen?

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Blandy <> writes:

Jim> The disadvantage is:
Jim> - Building from CVS or a snapshot would now require autoconf, automake, 
Jim>   and libtool, in addition to GCC and GNU Make, since the files they
Jim>   generate would no longer be provided in the repository.

Not only will you need the tools, you'll need them in the correct
version. Perhaps this less of a problem when automake has aged some,
but still a concern.

Worse however is that not committing conf/makefiles to the repository
looses you the ability to regenerate an old release, or even to
recreate the situation at some arbitrary point in time.

The result of autogenerating these files are complex enough that
trying to understand how a change in a generator affects the
endproduct is diffcult enough, and lets not forget that guile is close
to a dead duck without.

Some day somewhere somebody will need to go back in history. Lets not
amputate the repository by leaving out essential bits of information.

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