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Re: guile's oo system and modules writes:

> In other posts, it has been mentioned that guile gets it own mop-
> based object system. I guess that this will also be constructed as
> loadable module.


> Is it then possible to construct objects in the sense of the forth-
> coming oo system at C Level (in other modules), or will one need to
> write new object types as smobs as before and then assign them to
> new oo types in a wrapper on the Scheme level?

The first version of the OO system is based on structs.  It is planned
that the structs will be replaced by a similar record type which has
nicer scheme and C interfaces.  I think it's best to wait until we
have that new record type before implementing a nice C interface to
the object system.

Also, I think the role of the smobs is to provide new "fundamental"
data types.  I'm not sure that we should put too much of mechanisms
from the OO system in guile-core.