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guile's oo system and modules

It was announced that guile's core will be kernelized, so that
anything but the r4rs stuff and the bootstrap base for the module
system will be organized as modules. In other posts, it has been
mentioned that guile gets it own mop- based object system. I guess
that this will also be constructed as loadable module. Is it then
possible to construct objects in the sense of the forth- coming oo
system at C Level (in other modules), or will one need to write new
object types as smobs as before and then assign them to new oo types
in a wrapper on the Scheme level?  Also, in the latest guile plans,
the formerly mentioned extension of the number of available smobtypes
to 2^16 (or even more) seems to has been dropped. Is there a reason
for that?

Klaus Schilling