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Here's an interesting tidbit from William Clinger's notes from the
Scheme workshop at ICFP'98:


    17 people wanted to discuss Alan Bawden's proposal for library
    support primitives, which had more to do with process than with
    technical changes to the language.  Discussion led to a proposal
    to create a World-Wide Web repository for proposals in the form
    of requests for implementations (RFIs).  Creating such a
    repository does not require any changes to the R*RS or IEEE
    standard, so the straw poll was amended to ask how many people
    thought this should be done.  The straw poll was unanimously in

I was talking to Olin Shivers about his code, and his reply is the
following.  I don't think we'll have any problem getting the SCSH code

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Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 23:27:27 -0400
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From: Olin Shivers <>
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   [...] I'm going to make a beta release for Guile 1.3 today.

Great. I've been hacking a bunch of libraries for proposal as RFI's. I now
have a string lib, the ccp lib, a list-processing lib, and the regexp stuff.
I'll propose them all as RFI's as soon as I can. I have reference
implementations for all of these, and I've put the code in the public domain.
I'd love it if you picked them up as guile modules.
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