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Re: "Magic" Variables?

Re: 'defined?' behaves differently in SCM 4e1 and Guile 1.3a.pre2

Re: (apply and (list #t #f #t))

(ice-9 ls)

(read-set! keywords 'prefix)

Re: [Q] automagic define/undefine with dynamic-link/dynamic-unlink


Bigloo's regexp syntax

clearing screen

define vs define-syntax

Distributed objects (and CORBA) for Guile

Re: emacs 20 and Scheme mode


Re: Exporting syntax

Re: GNOME 0.8 is released

guile-gtk-0.4 and workshop slides


guile-gtk-0.6 released

how to find the right place for installed scheme files?

Re: i18n; wide characters; Guile

Re: Japanese and Unicode

Re: libqt

Re: libqthread.a

Re: Library naming on Solaris?

Re: linking guile-ffi into interpreter

Re: load-from-port

Re: load-from-port or something?


Re: make-regexp

Re: matrix'

Re: mbstrings

Re: mbstrings [was: Module Considerations]

Re: Module Considerations

Re: module loading

Modules, some proposals

Re: much more efficient

Re: Not graceful, but functional

pb w/ SLIB

pointers in g-wrap


Re: readline (2)

Re: readline support

Re: readline.h

regexp matchings dropped

Re: RO-strings in Guile

scwm 0.2

scwm 0.3

Simultaneous Guile users

Re: slib-copyright

structs called by reference only


Re: Talking to a WWW-server

Threads library name

Re: tselect

Re: Unicode?

Re: A useful syntax for regexps and other things

Re: A useful syntax for regexps and other things - And scheme version.

Re: usleep

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