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Re: gsl_matrix_complex functions documentation


I thought the gsl_matrix_complex part may need a bit more explanation
without being described separately for each functions. At first I
thought the gsl_matrix_complex_set function was used in a way we could
enter directly the complex value instead of using the gsl_vector
functions. Something like gsl_matrix_complex_set(gsl_matrix * m,
size_t i, size_t j, double x, double y) where x and y are the
cartesian components of the complex number x + i y. But I see it would
mean you would have to create 3 functions for the same usage : one for
rect, one for polar and one to enter directly an already existing

So finally I don't think you should change anything. It was simply me
who was wrong. If you wish to add more documentation on that go ahead
but I think that if I had read a bit more I would have got it.

Thanks for the fast reply!

Thierry Moisan

2008/6/22 Brian Gough <>:
> At Sun, 22 Jun 2008 15:19:19 -0400,
> Thierry Moisan wrote:
>> Hi, I'm the student who work on Math::GSL for google summer of code.
>> The goal of Math::GSL is to port the GSL library to Perl. While
>> working on this project, I realized the gsl_matrix_complex functions
>> haven't been documented yet. I wanted to know if it was meant to be
>> done soon. If not, I thought I could help by documenting them. I'll
>> have to document them anyway inside my project, so I tought it would
>> be better not to duplicate the work.
>> I'd like to know how I could work on the development of the
>> documentation? To who or which server/repository do I have to push my
>> changes?
> Hello,
> The individual description of each function is given only for the
> 'double' version of the functions.  The others (including complex,
> char, int, etc) have the same form so they aren't described
> separately.
> The introduction to the chapter gives a full list of the valid types.
> If there are any specific functions that you think need to be
> described separately let me know.  Thanks.
> --
> Brian Gough
> p.s. If you need the repository for any other reason the details are
> at

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