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Re: gsl_matrix_complex functions documentation

At Sun, 22 Jun 2008 15:19:19 -0400,
Thierry Moisan wrote:
> Hi, I'm the student who work on Math::GSL for google summer of code.
> The goal of Math::GSL is to port the GSL library to Perl. While
> working on this project, I realized the gsl_matrix_complex functions
> haven't been documented yet. I wanted to know if it was meant to be
> done soon. If not, I thought I could help by documenting them. I'll
> have to document them anyway inside my project, so I tought it would
> be better not to duplicate the work.
> I'd like to know how I could work on the development of the
> documentation? To who or which server/repository do I have to push my
> changes?


The individual description of each function is given only for the
'double' version of the functions.  The others (including complex,
char, int, etc) have the same form so they aren't described

The introduction to the chapter gives a full list of the valid types.
If there are any specific functions that you think need to be
described separately let me know.  Thanks.

Brian Gough

p.s. If you need the repository for any other reason the details are

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