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Announcing gnatsweb 2.9.1

A new release of Gnatsweb is available for download.

The version number is 2.9.1. This is mainly a bug fix release incorporating 
several small patches submitted over the last few months. A couple of minor 
features were also added.

Gnatsweb 2.x won't work with the upcoming Gnats 4. Versions working with 
Gnats 4 will have version numbers starting with a '4'. Patches and 
contributions for version 2.x are still welcome, even though no further 
releases are currently planned. The Gnatsweb 2.9.1 distribution (64 kB) is 
available at immediately.

Below is the entry for 2.9.1 in the NEWS file of the distribution. For 
details, see the ChangeLog file.

Changes from 2.9.0 to 2.9.1
* Documentation corrected and significantly expanded.  We now provide
   a TROUBLESHOOTING document as well.
* Bug fix. E-mail address extraction for the "send email to interested
   parties" is now more robust.
* Bug fix. Handle browsers without Javascript support better.
* Bug fix. Minor problems with browsers such as Konqueror should be
* Minor new feature: We now use both the category name and description
   and the responsible name and full name in dialogs on the create,
   edit and query pages.
* Minor new feature: Whether the Audit Trail is visible by default in
   the View PR screen is now configurable.
* Minor new feature: There is now a checkbox in the query pages which
   provides for displaying the current date on the query results page.

Yngve Svendsen
Gnatsweb maintainer

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