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Announcing gnatsweb 2.9.0

A new release of Gnatsweb is available for download.

The version number is 2.9.0. A couple of features were backported from the 
imminent Gnatsweb 4.0, a couple of bugs were squashed and some small 
submitted patches were incorporated.

Gnatsweb 2.x won't work with the upcoming Gnats 4. Versions working with 
Gnats 4 will have version numbers starting with a '4'. Patches and 
contributions for version 2.x are still welcome, even though no further 
releases are currently planned. The Gnatsweb 2.9.0 distribution (60 kB) is 
available at immediately.

This is the entry for 2.9.0 in the NEWS file of the distribution:

Changes from 2.8.2 to 2.9.0
* Usability enhancement. There is now a navigation bar on top of all
   pages with links to all major Gnatsweb functions.
* Bug fix. Properly handle a locked GNATS database. This used to make
   Gnatsweb bomb out when submitting edits and leave the PR locked.
* Minor bug fixes related to attachments.
* Add X-Mailer header to outgoing mail.
* Bug fix. Text attachments are no longer truncated at the first blank

Yngve Svendsen
Gnatsweb maintainer

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