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Re: Shared library -shared vs. -fpic

> PIC stands for Position-Independent Code. 


> Code isn't position-independent (or ``relocatable'') cannot be
> loaded at an arbitrary address;


> it requires some references to be patched at load time.


> Shared libraries need to be relocatable because it's not known
> beforehand what address they will be loaded at

Correct, depending on the meaning of "relocatable". PIC code typically
does not contain relocations; that's why its position-independent.

> Just because you don't specify -fPIC doesn't mean that the compiler
> won't emit position-independent code; the option prevents it from
> emitting position-dependent code in situations where it otherwise
> would.

Correct. However, a non-trivial shared library typically won't be
position-independent unless explicitly compiled with
-fPIC. Linux/glibc indeed does not require a shared library to be
position-independent; instead, it will perform the relocations in the
binary, even if they refer to code pages. As a result, those relocated
pages won't be shared across processes, anymore.


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