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Re: glibc-2.1 and __setfpucw

Actually in glibc 2.1 and later __setfpucw is no longer exported from glibc.  A
user cannot call it.  All functions in glibc beginning with two underscores are
considered internal.

From the GLIBC FAQ:

3.12. I can't access some functions anymore. nm shows that they do exist but
linking fails nevertheless.

{AJ} With the introduction of versioning in glibc 2.1 it is possible to export
only those identifiers (functions, variables) that are really needed by
application programs and by other parts of glibc. This way a lot of internal
interfaces are now hidden. nm will still show those identifiers but marking them
as internal. ISO C states that identifiers beginning with an underscore are
internal to the libc. An application program normally shouldn't use those
internal interfaces (there are exceptions, e.g. __ivaliduser). If a program uses
these interfaces, it's broken. These internal interfaces might change between
glibc releases or dropped completely.


Tim Prince wrote:
> setfpucw was a glibc-1 specific scheme.  glibc-2 has alternate
> schemes, presumably more resembling what C99 or Unix would
> expect.  You could still plug in an old setfpucw() but it's no
> longer in favor.
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> Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 7:15 AM
> Subject: glibc-2.1 and __setfpucw
> > Hi!
> > We are students in fourth year and are parralelising csp.
> > Our problem is:
> > In "fpu_control.h" under linux, there isn't any definition for
> "__setfpucw".
> > do you know where we could find a file containing it?
> > thank you!
> > François & Bruno

Scott Bambrough - Software Engineer

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