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[Bug faq/333] Do not report build errors in bugzilla!

------- Additional Comments From jgrosshart at gmail dot com  2006-03-05 17:20 -------
Hey guys... If your finding yourself at this page after doing a 'make check' on
glibc, I thought I'd share some expierences with you instead of saying IT WORKS
FOR ME. Yes, the maintainers have more pressing bussiness at hand besides being
our personal tech support, but still... A good percentage of people seeking help
are coming from the LFS/DIY circle and we can't use the distributors binary of

Over the past couple years, I've come to realize one important factor about
building glibc. It is HIGHLY DEPENDENT upon your running host kernel (among
other things). I often expierence nptl test failures when running a 2.6 kernel
built with gcc-3.3.x (slackintosh/slackware). Upgrade your gcc to 3.4.5 and
recompile a new kernel on the host and the nptl test errors will more than
likely dissapear. How Pat avoids these problems, I'm still not sure of.

If you find yourself getting certain posix errors, I've found that some of these
are due to not having a correctly populated /dev directory. Since alot of us are
chrooting into an environment that has no working udev yet, run the MAKEDEV
script and alot of these errors will also dissappear.

I also get some "Time out" errors on occassion after a long uptime on an
old/slow processor / limited memory machine. It COULD be helpfull to clear out
your ps list or simpily reboot and try again. Glibc can be finicky when it comes
to the host environment in general, is my main point. Don't underestimate the
impact of your host when you think you are isolated in chroot.

With a little perseverance, googling skill and competence on your part, you can
whittle down your glibc check errors to just the standard "posix/annexc.out
Error 1 (ignored)" error.

Good luck.

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