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Re: gdb/gnulib problems with BSD operating systems

> > Otherwise, you can tell configure that you plan to use gmake, like
> > ".../configure MAKE=gmake".  That will write the proper value into the
> > various Makefiles.  (But you shouldn't have to do this.)
> This one doesn't work, as far as I can tell. Pierre and I both
> tried it two different ways, and configure still replaces @MAKE@
> by make in gnulib/Makefile :-( (a bug, if you ask me, just don't
> know where).

I researched this a little bit, and I figured out why it did not
work for me. I was calling configure with MAKE=gmake, but that has
not effect because the top-level configure does not set MAKE.
So, when I ran "make" (instead of gmake), it just implicitly set
the MAKE variable to "make" rather than "gmake", and then calls
our configure script passing that implicit MAKE=make value, which
is not what Pierre wants.

On the other hand, if I do (on x86_64-linux):

    % /path/to/gdb/configure
    % /home/brobecke/gmake

Here is what I find in gnulib's Makefile:

    MAKE = /home/brobecke/gmake

In other words, it should work out of the box without having to
set anything by hand, as long as you use gmake as the top-level
make program.


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