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Re: Integrate BLCR to GDB

Michael Snyder-6 wrote:
> Sounds like a very interesting project.
> Would you be interested in spearheading it?

Hi Michael,

   I am totally new to gdb so I am afraid I will need quite some help from
someone here with experience. But I am more than happy to spend some time on

   I am also new to BLCR. My previous short description of BLCR is
incorrect. For example BLCR does support x86, x86-64, ppc, ppc64 and ARM and
Xen dom0/domU. This recent presentation may give a more complete picture
about BLCR : 

   I see there are other approach/solutions out there to achieve similar
goals in terms of debugging: like using visualization VM or effort on
reversible debugging. In my working area, I have to deal with programs with
huge memory footprint ( > 16G ),  long runtime  like in days and
multi-threaded. I feel BLCR approach fits the requirement nicely. Actually I
can use BLCR as standalone for my debugging purpose. I just wish I could
easily do the checkpoint/restart inside gdb. 

   I probably will  also contact BLCR folks  to see if they already have
something done for gdb or not.



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