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Re: [discuss] Support for reverse-execution

Eli Zaretskii wrote:
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 14:16:29 -0700
From: Michael Snyder <>

> Sounds like a very useful feature.  However, I think we need to
> support giving meaningful names to bookmarks, since a (more or less
> arbitrary) number used by the target is going to lack any mnemonic
> value.

How about counting numbers, like we do with breakpoints?

That might be okay as well, but I consider the method of numbering
breakpoints as not an ideal one, either.  It's impossible to manage
more than 3 breakpoints without "info breakpoints".  More mnemonic
names could have allowed us to know what breakpoint we need to use
without consulting the table displayed by "info breakpoints".

OK, then maybe we should make this a general feature -- add a name field for breakpoints, tracepoints, checkpoint/bookmarks, and in general such things as we have such lists for. Looking ahead, people may one day want to give names to threads, or even sets-of-threads.

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