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Re: Orphans to adopt?

   Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 15:51:47 -0500 (CDT)
   From: Manoj Iyer <>

   > Hmm, powerpc could really, really use some cleanup, but hardly

   What type of clean up effort are we looking at for ppc. I am working on
   ppc & linux and I can spend some time on this.

A couple of things:

* It still needs to be gdb_bytified.

* There are still a few deprecated things used by rs6000/powerpc.
  Look for things that have deprecated in their name.

* There is still a tm.h for most/all rs6000/powerpc targets.
  Basically config/powerpc/tm-ppc-eabi.h and config/rs6000/tm-rs6000.h
  need to be cleaned out.

* The code could use some reorganisation, especially the way the
  architecture vector is constructed.  Some of the OS/ABI-specefic
  stuff is handled in rs6000-tdep.c, some of it is dealt with in
  OS-specific files like ppc-linux-tdep.c and pccnbsd-tdep.c.

A lot of the mess seems to stem from the fact that we still try to
support AIX 4 & 5 on POWER as well as PowerPC.  But it seems that none
of the core gdb developers have access to hardware.


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