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Re: src/dejagnu/

On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 11:04:24AM -0600, Michael Elizabeth Chastain wrote:
> I have this bug, PR gdb/708, where the snapshot tarballs do not build
> at all.  This is a high priority bug.  I've verified that it still
> happens with both gdb_5_3-branch and HEAD.
> Here's the etiology.  Andrew C has been down this entire path before,
> but I just want to lay it out.
>   ss/make-snapshot script runs 'make -f src-release gdb+dejagnu.tar.gz'
>   src-release walks the tree and configures all the subdirs and
>   makes info files in them.
>   src-release walks the tree and does 'distclean' to remove
>   config.status and other files.
> The problem is that src/dejagnu/ is coded in an unusual way.
> src/dejagnu has subdirectories, and the subdirectories are configured
> normally, but does *not* list all the subdirectories!
> There's a comment in that they do not want 'make all'
> to actually build examples/calc and other stuff.
> So 'configure' configures in dejagnu/example/calc, but 'make distclean'
> never goes there, and the tarball gets some extra crap in it,
> specifically dejagnu/example/calc/config.status.  Then the user tries
> to build from the tarball and gets an error that dejagnu/example/calc
> has already been configured and the build chokes.
> There are two different ways to fix this:
> (1) Just edit dejagnu/example/calc/ and set SUBDIRS properly.
>     In fact Andrew C has done that in the past (2000-04-19), but then
>     this gets obliterated the next time someone imports dejagnu
>     (Nick C, 2002-04-21).
> (2) Work around the problem in with a 'distclean-local' goal.
>     I wrote such a patch and it works for me.
> The advantage of (1) is that it's simple and we've done it before.
> And we don't import dejagnu very often.
> The advantage of (2) is that we get something that is more likely
> to be accepted if we submit it upstream.
> I need some guidance on which path to follow.  Andrew?

May I recommend (2)?  I just did something similar for the Debian
packages of DejaGNU, making it the fourth time I've addressed this
issue, I think.  It seems like the right way to go.

(By the way, I need to look at doing another dejagnu import; there are
some bits in 1.4.3 that aren't in our local copy which mess up
rsh-based testing.)

Daniel Jacobowitz
MontaVista Software                         Debian GNU/Linux Developer

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