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Re: a question about gdb and simulator

>    We are doing graduate design about SOC design tool, and we want to extend GNU debugger’s some functions, and do a simulator and debugger environment. We use SystemC to simulate the procedure of CPU simulator, and this simulator is a part of hardware system.  During the simulation, CPU simulator needs a soft debugger. We want to use gdb as its debugger. We know that gdb supports built-in CPU simulator, but our simulator isn’t built-in. But we don’t know how gdb exchange information with built-in simulator and control the run of built-in CPU simulator. On this condition, we intend to apply the communication method between gdb and built-in CPU simulator to our design. Our simulator doesn’t work as gdb’s ISS , and also doesn’t run in remote manner, therefore we think “gdb remote serial protocol” can not be used in our design. Because our CPU simulator run in local manner (simulator and gdb run in the same machine), we think the same mechanism may be used in our desig
>    If you have time, can you help us and provide us some reference about our work?
>    Thanks a lot!

Assuming you have the GDB sources in front of you, look at the file
"src/include/gdb/remote-sim.h".  It defines the GDB-SIM interfaces that
GDB currently uses.

Also, I'd not dismiss the "remote" method.  Some simulators use that
interface as well.


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