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Re: Status of Ada support in GDB?


Joel Brobecker wrote:



So ACT is picking up the task again. We are getting much closer to
having something we can submit, one of our part-time consultant is
working full-time (if I may say so) on it. In the meantime, could you
try using the 5.1.1-based sources that we made available through

FYI, gdb 5.1 cannot be used to debug a program compiled by gcc 3.2 when DWARF2 debugging format is used (which is the default for i386 now if I'm not wrong). This is because gdb 5.1/5.0 do not support the DW_FORM_strp that gcc now generates.

In the past, a gdb without Ada support could be used to, at least, see the source.
However, we are now in this sad situation where this is no longer possible
because now gdb complains at unknown languages and... stops.


P.S: I'm willing to help if you send patches...

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