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gdb 5.3 versus gdb 2003-02-23-cvs

Here's a list of all the issues that I've heard about that affect the
next release of gdb, 5.4/6.0.

Michael C

. MI issues

    Andrew Cagney says that this is the critical issue for gdb 5.4/6.0:

    Andrew C: can you comment on the current MI status?

. Build issues

    See the PR list below.

. x86-64 regressions

    Michal Ludvig reported that native x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
    regressed significantly from gdb 5.3 to gdb 2003-02-01-cvs.  He has
    been actively working on bringing this target back up to 5.3
    quality.  I don't know if he's finished yet.
    Michal L: can you comment on this?

. jmisc2.exp regression

    pr gdb/1039: regression: cannot set breakpoint on jmisc.main(java.lang.String[])

. gdb.trace/packetlen.exp: setup collect actions

    This is a dwarf-2 regression.  Daniel J has a patch.

. PR's, priority=high or severity=critical

    Just a raw list, no judgements.  count=37.

      gdb/763   breakpoints  gdb 5.2 removes the conditional breakpoints
      gdb/851   breakpoints  gdb-internal-error: store_typed_address
      gdb/378   build        ``GNU/Linux'' ``Linux kernel''
      gdb/527   build        GDB 5.2 incompatibilities with GNU textutils 2.0.21 in POSIX mode
      gdb/558   build        gdb crashes when I run the program the second time
      gdb/591   build        bfd/config.bfd does not support i768 (aka Intel P4)
      gdb/660   build        GDB 5.2 or 5.2.1 do not build on linux libc5, gcc 2.95.3
      gdb/708   build        Can't build 5.3 branch (and probably trunk)
      gdb/857   build        GDB contains intl/ droppings
      gdb/867   build        v5.2.1 fail to compile on AIX 5.1
      gdb/888   build        Cannot compile event-top.c
      gdb/955   build        build failure with GDB 5.3: sparc-nat.c structure redefinitions with sparc64-linux, glibc-2.2.x
      gdb/7     c++          cout << 1 doesn't work for c++
      gdb/347   c++          class element acess
      gdb/582   c++          can't find linker symbol for virtual table when trying view class data
      gdb/610   c++          gdb crashes when listing source of g++-3.1-compiled binary
      gdb/922   c++          Breakpoints give crash, bad behavior w/C++, gcc 3.2 on Solaris
      gdb/1023  c++          setting a breakpoint on C++ member functions
      gdb/1060  c++          g++ -static and STL strings
      gdb/1084  c++          set print object on does not work correctly in some cases
      gdb/926   cli          `(gdb) set backtrace-below-main' confusing
      gdb/1039  java         regression: cannot set breakpoint on jmisc.main(java.lang.String[])
      gdb/11    shlibs       gdb does not handle pic code correctly
      gdb/29    symtab       gdb has fixed size MAX_SECTIONS
      gdb/250   symtab       gdb 5.0 chokes on "file" cmd for a ppc .elf created by gcc v2.95.2
      gdb/540   symtab       Solaris C++ symbol table corrupted; ELF sections exceed SECT_OFF_MAX
      gdb/627   symtab       Internal error when attaching to process
      gdb/676   symtab       Alpha OSF1, gcc, internal GDB error in mdebugread
      gdb/678   symtab       gdb dies reading symbols on Compaq Tru64 5.1
      gdb/706   symtab       SIGBUS or SIGSEGV trying to set breakpoint in C++ program
      gdb/820   symtab       GDB broken under gcc 3.2 - can't print any local variables or class members
      gdb/903   symtab       GDB Solaris 2.8 SPARC
      gdb/767   tdep         alpha Unix Tru64
      gdb/854   tdep         gdb HC11/HC12 broken due to regcache
      gdb/1089  tdep         gdb HC11/HC12 crashes after info frame command
      gdb/980   threads      No threading support in Mandrake 9.0 (gdb 5.2.1 - 5.3.0)
      gdb/1057  threads      pthread_create locks up GDB on IRIX platform

. gdb test suite regressions

    The test suite found two issues above: the jmisc2.exp regressions
    and the packetlen.exp dwarf-2 problem.

    Details below for all the test result changes between gcc 5.3 and
    gcc HEAD%20030223.  The tables are directly from:

  . gdb.base/constvars.exp: ptype crass
      null -> PASS
      null -> XFAIL

      This is a new test.

      This test does 'ptype' on a structure with a 'char * const ptr'
      member.  With gdb 5.3 and dwarf-2, gdb prints the structure member
      as 'char * constptr' with the single word 'constptr' -- obviously
      incorrect.  With gdb 5.3 and stabs+, gdb prints the structure
      member as 'char *ptr', dropping the const.

      With gdb HEAD%20030223 and dwarf-2, gdb prints 'char * const ptr',
      which is correct.  With gdb HEAD%20030223 and stabs+, gdb prints
      'char *ptr', the same bad behavior as gdb 5.3.

  . gdb.base/constvars.exp: ptype crisp
      null -> PASS
      null -> XFAIL

      This is a new test.

      This test does 'ptype' on a structure with a 'char * const *ptr'
      member.  gdb 5.3 and gdb HEAD%20030223 have the same behavior,
      modulo whitespace changes.  They both respond correctly with gcc
      2.95.3 dwarf-2, gcc 3.X dwarf-2, and gcc 3.X stabs+; and they both
      respond incorrectly with gcc 2.95.3 stabs+: 'char **' instead of
      'char * const *'.

  . gdb.base/ending-run.exp: continue after exit
      null -> UNSUPPORTED

      This is a new test which is working properly.

      Some configurations (I don't know which ones) can land in a DLD
      function after leaving main().  These configurations run this
      particular test.  Other configurations return UNSUPPORTED for this

      gdb's behavior is fine.  I find the UNSUPPORTED a bit gratuitous.
      Perhaps the test script should do nothing rather than generate an

  . gdb.base/store.exp: new check struct 4
      null -> FAIL

      pr gdb/1090: gdb prints wrong value for 8-byte variable in two 4-byte registers

      This is a new test.  This test FAILed with gcc 2.95.3 -gdwarf-2.

      This test writes into an eight-byte variable which is stored in
      two registers, a 'multi-register variable'.  Then it reads back
      the multi-register variable.  Both gdb 5.3 and gdb HEAD%20030223
      have incorrect code that returns only the first register, but gdb
      5.3 somehow manages to succeed in a use case similar to this test
      (probably with a matched pair of bogus writes and reads).  So this
      is not actually a regression in gdb, just a new manifestation of a
      serious bug that was present in 5.3.

  . gdb.c++/annota2.exp: annotate-quit

      pr gdb/544: gdb.c++/annota2.exp: annotate-quit test sometimes fails

      Fluctuation in test result probably due to a signal handling race
      in the command loop.

      This was in gdb 5.3 and previous gdb releases.  There was a brief
      time around 200302012 when the new interpreter loop fixed it, but
      that code broke ^Z handling.  The fix for ^Z brought this bug back

  . gdb.c++/local.exp: Local out of scope
      null -> PASS
      null -> KFAIL

      pr gdb/825: gdb gets scope of class local to a function wrong

      This is a new test.  Both gdb 5.3 and gdb HEAD%20030223 have this bug.
      With gdb HEAD%20030223, this test PASSed with gcc v3 dwarf-2 and
      KFAILed with gcc v2 dwarf-2, gcc v2 stabs+, and gcc v3 stabs+.

  . gdb.c++/pr-1023.exp: break myClass::performBlocking
      null -> PASS
      null -> KFAIL

      This is a new test.

      This is a simple symbol lookup test.  With gdb HEAD%20030223,
      it KFAILed with gcc 2.95.3 -gstabs+ and PASSed with gcc 2.95.3
      -gdwarf-2 and all gcc v3.  gdb 5.3 showed the same behavior,
      so it is not a regression.  It is a serious bug though.

  . gdb.c++/virtfunc.exp: print pEe->D::vg()
      XFAIL -> FAIL
      XFAIL -> KFAIL

      Needs investigation.
      Probably gdb stayed the same and the test suite improved.

  . setting breakpoint at jmisc.main(java.lang.String[])
      null -> FAIL p *args p args
      PASS -> FAIL

	pr gdb/1039: regression: cannot set breakpoint on jmisc.main(java.lang.String[])
	This is a regression in gdb.  The test script is unable to set a
	breakpoint on the main function (this action does not ordinarily
	PASS, hence the null -> FAIL transition).  The other FAILs
	cascade from there.

	This happened with all gcc v3 (gcc v2 did not include gjc).

	This broke between 2003-02-01 and 2003-02-05.

  . gdb.mi/gdb701.exp: create fooPtr
      null -> FAIL

      This is a new test.  This test FAILed with -gdwarf-2 with
      gcc 2.95.3, gcc 3.2-7-rh, and gcc 3.2.2.

      Daniel J says this is a gcc bug and that it has been fixed in
      gcc HEAD, gcc gcc-3_3-branch, and gcc-3_2-branch.

      My testbed confirms this.

  . gdb.threads/killed.exp: GDB exits after multi-threaded program exits messily

      pr gdb/568: GDB confused by messily-exiting multi-threaded programs

      This test has bad results randomly in both 5.3 and HEAD%20030215.

      Jim B thinks that this test may depend on a race condition:

  . gdb.threads/schedlock.exp: *

      This test was broken in 5.3.  It's improved in HEAD%20030223 but
      it still is not useful to analyze.

  . gdb.trace/packetlen.exp: setup collect actions
      PASS -> FAIL

      This is a regression from gdb 5.3 to gdb HEAD%20030223.  It
      happened with all versions of gcc with -gdwarf-2.

      Daniel J has a patch to fix this:

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