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Re: [ECOS] Can't connect to remote Evaluator 7T

On Fri, 2003-02-21 at 01:06, Pierre Habraken wrote:
> Pierre Habraken wrote:
> > [...]
> > Ok. So, I have to re-link the program so that its location is at
> > 0x10000 or above.
> > But first I am going to learn how to tell ld what to do for obtaining
> > this result...
> Passing argument -Ttext 0x10000 to ld is ok : gdb uploads the program to
> the board with success.
> But now I am faced to a new problem : newlib (which is linked to my
> program), and especially the C run time sartup code, uses SWI calls to
> Angel (swi 0x00123456), which one has been replaced by Redboot !
> Does anyone know how to tell newlib not to use Angel services ?

Why not just run eCos?  You'll have much more flexibility
than what you'll get with newlib.

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