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Re: ser-pipe.c porting to MinGW

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On Thu, Feb 20, 2003 at 06:12:57PM -0000, Fyles, Matthew wrote:
>The pipe_open() function written to work for solaris and linux uses
>sockets to re-direct the stdin and stdout of the child process.
>Unfortunately Microsoft do not allow sockets to be used with the posix
>compatibility functions read, write and dup2 under windows. 
>Would the most sensible fix be to use standard pipes and change scb->fd
>to have scb->rfd and scd->wfd and then put a wrapper around the
>ser_unix_readchar and ser_unix_write functions in ser-pipe.c or can
>anyone suggest a more sensible fix. This will work on all hosts not just
>win32 so in should be a satisfactory solution, my only concern is
>renaming the scb->fd.
>Any thoughts?

Since MinGW is not a supported gdb platform, I think someone would have
to step forward to submit a port before we would start worrying about
something like this.

Are you working on getting MinGW ported to the latest version of gdb?


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