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Re: GDB honouring RPATH in binaries.

> > > With regard to the remote case, I would have thought that simply
> > > prepending solib-absolute-prefix would give the correct results.
> >
> > Well, let's say I upload my program and libs to /tmp on the remote with
> > binary's RPATH set to /tmp.  I'm debugging on Cygwin in
> > My solib-absolute-prefix and solib-search-path are based in
> > c:\QNXsdk\target\qnx6 (where all the libs are stored).  This is why I'm
> > convinced that there's any nice way to use RPATH in the remote case.
> I see what you mean.  Unless you're using an NFS mount, it's unlikely
> for the sys-root on the host to contain the stuff you've just uploaded
> to /tmp.
> In this case, I think it would make sense to use solib-search-path
> to find the libraries that you've uploaded to /tmp.

Yes.  This is really just a case of trying to automate this so that the user
has less trouble.  You have no idea how many tech support calls we get which
are solved by, "make sure that gdb can find everything it needs".  From what
I understand, RPATH is supposed to be THE ordained way of making sure that
the linker can find it's libs so perhaps we need to add one more case to
solib_open() where it looks through RPATH.  I'm thinking that it can't hurt
and might help.  Certainly it will be helpful on native debuggers.


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