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Re: emulating single-step in gdbserver?

Thanks for the response.

It looks like I won't need to do this after all -- I've been informed that
the CPU _does_ implement single-stepping, it's just that the documentation
claims otherwise to avoid having to support it (and all the other debugger
writers use it, so it works)!

> > A related question, BTW, is what's the precise meaning of
> > `the_low_target.breakpoint_reinsert_addr'?  It's not documented very
> > well...
> It's essentially a very limitted next_pc function.  The only
> breakpoints gdbserver places right now are in empty marker functions in
> the thread library.  After hitting one, it either single-steps or
> places a breakpoint at the function's return address, and then
> reinserts it.  The advantage is that finding the return address is
> quick and very simple.

I see.  Now the comments that are there make a bit more sense; I was very
confused when I saw the mips just returned the function's return-address!
I guess I can just set it to null and let gdb single-step over the


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