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Re: [maint] Drop sim/mips maintainership

At Thu, 20 Feb 2003 04:04:59 +0000 (UTC), "Andrew Cagney" wrote:


"Uh oh..."

I'm about to start submitting a very large number of MIPS simulators. One is called the `r5900'. Given the clear conflict of interest here (RHAT vs FSF) I'd rather drop MIPS maintenance and, instead, submit this as a normal developer

Obviously, if you think you have cause for concern about conflict of
interest, best that you do what you feel is appropriate.

However, this makes me wonder: do you think _I_ should feel concerned
about conflict of interest regarding contributing/merging SB-1 and
related simulator changes?  If so, well, who's left maintaining the
MIPS sim?  8-)

I think it's quite appropriate for the maintainer to be an active
developer (and contributor), with an interest in making the simulator
better and more featureful, FWIW.

But you're not about to try and simulateneously `merge' ten CPU variants:

:model:::xxxx:mipsYYYY (still waiting on this one ...).

Er, wow, make that 12! This is the equvalent of a fork and jumbo patch :-(

A for-profit center will try to eliminate their fork for the lowest possible cost (i.e., s/old/new/). Typically that isn't in the best interest of the FSF's code base. Hence the potential for conflict.

(I should really drop MIPS maintenance anyway, but now is a good oportunity :-).

*sigh*  you have much more experience than I, obviously, so this is a
loss, but I understand that you're probably over-stretched.

Ah, but you can now re-tag stuff the way you want :-)

More seriously, I'm not contributing to that code base so I might as well get out of the way. I'm definitly still around for questions and will certainly hand out [bad] advice, however, I shouldn't be the one making the final decision.


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