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RE: gdb + dynamic libs problem

Thanks Kevin!
My response see below.
I was so happy if anybody could help me!

Lev Assinovsky
Aelita Software Corporation
O&S Core Division, Programmer
ICQ# 165072909

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Kevin Buettner [mailto:kevinb at redhat dot com]
> Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2003 12:42 AM
> To: Lev Assinovsky; gdb at sources dot redhat dot com
> Subject: Re: gdb + dynamic libs problem
> On Feb 18,  2:08pm, Lev Assinovsky wrote:
> > I try to debug the application where dynamic objects 
> > are loaded through user's dlopen explicit call.
> > The only way to set breakpoint in .so is to open source after 
> > .so got loaded (I have to detect this moment myself).
> GDB can help you with this if you you do ``set 
> stop-on-solib-events 1''.
> You'll probably want to do this well after your program has started
> though to avoid stopping every time one of the shared 
> libraries specified
> on the link line gets loaded.
> > I perform source opening by issue the commands "shared library" and
> > "list <file>:1".
> Have you disabled ``auto-solib-add''?  If not, you shouldn't need to
> invoke the ``sharedlibrary'' command directly.  I.e, gdb should
> automatically load the shared libraries for you (unless you've told it
> not to).

Here the point is! I don't have "classic" shared libraries like And application is not linked with them.
I have and load it via dlopen function. I.e. gdb doesn't have
any knowledge about c++ files in my shared object until I type in "sharedlibrary" command!

> > But if the source file is big gdb get crash.
> > It there any way to increase gdb resources to consume 
> > larger files (symbol tables?)
> Which platform are you running on?  On most platforms, gdb should
> be able to use whatever resources the operating system is able to
> give it.  Thus, you may need to play around with ulimit, adjusting
> the amount of memory, swap space, etc.

I tried solaris8-intel and solaris8-sparc platforms with ulimit=unlimited.

> Kevin

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