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Re: [maint] Drop sim/mips maintainership

At Thu, 20 Feb 2003 04:04:59 +0000 (UTC), "Andrew Cagney" wrote:
> Chris,

"Uh oh..."

> I'm about to start submitting a very large number of MIPS simulators. 
> One is called the `r5900'.  Given the clear conflict of interest here 
> (RHAT vs FSF) I'd rather drop MIPS maintenance and, instead, submit this 
> as a normal developer

Obviously, if you think you have cause for concern about conflict of
interest, best that you do what you feel is appropriate.

However, this makes me wonder: do you think _I_ should feel concerned
about conflict of interest regarding contributing/merging SB-1 and
related simulator changes?  If so, well, who's left maintaining the
MIPS sim?  8-)

I think it's quite appropriate for the maintainer to be an active
developer (and contributor), with an interest in making the simulator
better and more featureful, FWIW.

> (I should really drop MIPS maintenance anyway, but 
> now is a good oportunity :-).

*sigh*  you have much more experience than I, obviously, so this is a
loss, but I understand that you're probably over-stretched.

> (yes, must remember to transfer the remaining (C) files as well).

yes!  8-)


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