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Re: [ECOS] Can't connect to remote Evaluator 7T

Gary D. Thomas wrote:
On Wed, 2003-02-19 at 10:41, Mark Salter wrote:

Quality Quorum writes:

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Mark Salter wrote:

Not only that, from my experiments with a cable tap, nothing is going out
of the PC to the target. The write(2) succeeds, but nothing is sent on
the wire. Closing and reopening the serial device usually clears up the

Connect through minicom and make sure that target responds with gdb packet
when you send enter. My $0.02.

The target is sitting at the RedBoot prompt. I physically tapped the serial line and watched from another host. The packet from GDB never makes it to the wire. If I startup minicom on the host with GDB still trying to connect, then data starts flowing on the wire again although GDB and minicom are fighting over the read data.

Maybe it's a handshake issue?  Perhaps GDB is leaving or setting
the port into a handshake mode (that may not work) and minicom does
not.  Or some such combination.  Checking with "stty </dev/XXX"
from another window while both applications are running might
give some useful insights.

As I said earlier :-). I think making sure it's off using minicom would be more reliable (from user error) though.

Here's how to do it in minicom:
select Serial port setup
Make sure both hardware and software flow control are off, and the other serial settings are right (38400 8-N-1).

Press return
Choose Exit
Ctrl-A Z q
select yes

You could also force Redboot into GDB mode by typing a $. You should lose the prompt then. Typing something like:
should make it react and then return to the command prompt.

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