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Re: PING: c++ stabs+ direction needed

All right!

> File a PR against GCC, and I'll look at it this week if I can.  It's
> definitely wrong.

Sounds good to me.  I want to find out when it happened and then
I will file a PR.

> Do you happen to know when it appeared on the 3.3 branch?  Otherwise
> it's easy enough for me to binary-search for it.

It's been happening in gcc HEAD since 2002-11-25, my first report since
I came back from hiatus.  It did not happen in gcc HEAD on 2002-05-29.

The big shuffle was sometime in 2002-12-NN, when gcc HEAD became
gcc-3_3-branch, and the basic-improvements-branch was merged into
gcc HEAD.  gcc-3_3-branch was born with this problem.

So someone has to binary search gcc HEAD from 2002-05-29 to 2002-11-25.
I'll get started, but you might beat me to it, because I don't have good
tools for this stuff.  Or you can kick back and let me grind it out.

BTW, the search will go faster if you set LANGUAGES=c,c++ and skip
building Java.  I bet you know that already.

Michael C

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