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Re: Info about gnu dg/ux tools


There is actually a complete port of GNU GDB 5.1 in DG/UX where of
course uses DWARF2 and GNU stabs. It is quite a lot of code to
support properly DG/UX on GDB 5.1 (including multithreaded 
support). I never manage to sign these GNU docs (I think at some 
point someone -Michael Snyder?-  send them to me by email but 
I ve lost that email). And that is why the 5.1 port never make it 
to the official GDB source code. 

In the current tree of GDB there was *never* actual (=working) 
support for DG/UX (the files there are worthless) so remove them 
or not it wont make any difference to anyone.

There is also a file called DGUX-R420MU07-DEVTOOLS.tar.gz that has 
all necessary tools for building C/C++ applications to DG/UX. 
Aka GDB 5.1, GNU as,ld , GNU make, etc ... 
It is available in If someone untar this file and look
inside the bin directory he/she will understand how extensive it is.
The gcc that is there is version 2.95.3. However I had completed a 
port of GCC-3.x but I never had the chance to submit it to the GCC 
GNU project. (Again due to signing all these different DOCS). 

You are correct to say native DG/UX ld has problems with DWARF2.
Also the GCC that comes with DG/UX is version 2.7.2 and just a 
basic C compiler. So I dont think anybody is using it.  

As now GCC 3.3 is going to be out I think if I would submit 
a port this would be the version I would like to support (on DG/UX).
It is also very easy for me to make a port of GDB 5.3 to DG/UX
MU07 provided I can find some free time ... 


On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Michael Elizabeth Chastain wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm one of the maintainers of gnu gdb.  I'm looking to remove obsolete
> code from gdb, and one of my candidates is the dg/ux support.
> dg/ux itself does not have any special code but it's one of the few
> remaining configurations that uses DWARF-1, and removing DWARF-1 is
> my real objective.

> I found your collection of gnu tools for dg/ux so I figured you would
> be an expert on gnu tools on dg/ux.  Can you tell me some background
> about your toolkit?  I have DGUX-R420MU07-DEVTOOLS.tar.gz but there's
> no overall README or documentation for it.
> Michael C

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