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Re: RFC: Variables in blocks of registers

dwarf2 makes it possible to scatter a value across both memory and registers. It's been proposed that the `struct value' be augmented with something like `struct location' that knows how to find any sub component of a value.

However, right now GCC doesn't generate this.  Probably because it
would kill us.
I'm not so sure. In the past, GCC hasn't waited for GDB so I don't think that would be the reason now.

> If I have any mental energy left after location lists,
> I may implement support for DW_OP_piece.

Perhaphs leave that one for someone else?

Michael, I think the new multi-arch function is a good idea as long as
it is a fallback from explicit debug info support, when we have such. I also think it needs a better name; but I'm not quite sure what. Hmm,
that could be mitigated by adequate commenting.
I think it is very dangerous. It's assuming a specific algorithm in the compiler. That locks both GDB and GCC into something of a death spiral. I think its far better to try and get a proper location mechanism working.


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