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null in gdb/ChangeLog-3.x

In gdb-970817/gdb/ChangeLog-3.x I see:

Tue Jun 28 02:56:42 1988  Peter TerMaat  (pete at
        * C++: Makefile: changed the echo: expect 101 shift/reduce conflicts 
        and 1 reduce/reduce conflict.
Local Variables:
mode: indented-text
eval: (auto-fill-mode 1)
left-margin: 8
fill-column: 74
version-control: never
^@ng destructors and
                constructors, and flags being defined via public and via
                virtual paths.  Added fields NEXT_VARIANT, N_BASECLASSES,
                and BASECLASSES to this type (tr: Changed types from
                having to be derived from a single baseclass to a multiple
                base class).

(note the ^L and the ^@ are the control characters) Seems like bitrot,
could someone check the older versions of this file and restore it,