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Re: FYI: GDB 7.10.1 release still planned end of Nov

On 11/12/2015 12:38 PM, Joel Brobecker wrote:

   - For a fix that needs to be put on the branch, there must be
     a PR. If not already existing, then it needs to be created at:

     This PR should document in as much details as possible the issue.
     You can also hyper-link discussions on gdb-patches.

OK, I have created PR 19245 for this.

Regarding backporting a change, it's super easy:

   1. Find the SHA1 of the fix you pushed to master; I usually use
      something like "git log --author=[...] --grep=[...]

      For instance, I did...

      % git log --author=sandra --grep=strprefix

      ... and got:

      commit 26d56a939e9e54e09d46ea6e9678463ac344fa33
      Author: Sandra Loosemore <>
      Date:   Tue Aug 18 10:29:54 2015 -0700

          Fix mis-parsing of hex register numbers in 'T' stop replies.

   2. Then, create a gdb-7.10-branch branch in your repository:

         % git branch --track gdb-7.10-branch origin/gdb-7.10-branch

      You can then cherry-pick the change to that branch:

         % git checkout gdb-7.10-branch

I'm really confused. At this point, "git log" shows that my patch is already present in the checkout as commit e13cbb569965ee3baca2ad4801eeb910c2b2f03f, dated Tue Aug 18.

         % git cherry-pick 26d56a939e9e54e09d46ea6e9678463ac344fa33
         [you will probably need to fix ChangeLog conflicts]

...and "git diff" after this step only shows ChangeLog conflicts and no code changes.

      And once all is ready, then just push to the FSF repo:

         % git push origin gdb-7.10-branch

Is there something different I need to do here, did I screw up something in the recipe above, or is the patch really already present on the branch and you and Pedro just lost track of it?


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