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Re: [PATCH 3/3] Target remote mode fork and exec docs

On 11/12/2015 8:48 AM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> From: Don Breazeal <>
>> Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2015 17:00:00 -0800

>> +@table @asis
>> +
>> +@cindex remote debugging, detach and program exit
>> +@item Result of detach or program exit
>> +
>> +@strong{target remote mode:} When the debugged program exits or you
>> +detach from it, @value{GDBN} disconnects from the target.  When using
>> +@code{gdbserver}, @code{gdbserver} will exit.
>> +
>> +@strong{target extended-remote mode:} When the debugged program exits or
> This is OK, but the fact that "target extended-remote mode:" part that
> begins a sentence doesn't start with a capital letter looks wrong.
> How about starting with @strong{With target extended-remote mode:}
> instead?
>> +@item The @code{run} command
>> +@strong{target remote mode:} The @code{run} command is not supported.
> Please be consistent regarding whether or not you leave an empty line
> after the @item line.  (My suggestion is not to leave such a line in a
> @table.)

Items above are now done in my sandbox.

>>  If you're using a serial line, you may want to give @value{GDBN} the
>>  @samp{--baud} option, or use the @code{set serial baud} command
>>  (@pxref{Remote Configuration, set serial baud}) before the
>> -@code{target} command.
>> +@kbd{target} command.
> Here you show 2 commands in the same sentence, one with @code, the
> other with @kbd.  I think both should use @code.
>> +In @code{target extended-remote} mode, you can also attach using the
>> +@value{GDBN} attach command
>> +(@pxref{Types of Remote Connections: Attaching}).
> I don't understand this @pxref -- there's no such node or anchor in
> the text.  Does this work for you?  (Also, using a colon in
> cross-reference or node names is a bad idea, as that confuses Info
> readers.)

These last two I had fixed in my sandbox but apparently the fixes didn't
make it into the patch I posted, sorry about that. :-S

Regarding the @pxrefs that had colons in them, I have a question.  I was
making a cross-reference into the middle of a section, so
there is no section heading to use as the name of the reference.  I was
trying to refer to "The part about Attaching that is in the section
'Types of Remote Connections'".  How about:

@anchor{Attaching in Types of Remote Connections}

> The patch is approved, assuming the above minor issues are fixed.
> Thanks.
Thanks again for the review and the suggestions.

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