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Re: FYI: GDB 7.10.1 release still planned end of Nov

On 11/12/2015 11:44 AM, Joel Brobecker wrote:

Just a quick reminder - we are now 2 weeks away from our planned
date for 7.10.1.

I think we should have this one in too:

   [patch] fix misparsing in remote_parse_stop_reply

Sandra, could you handle that one?

No answer from Sandra, but I've added it to the the Wiki.
Sandra - if you want to push it to the branch, remember that
we need to recreate a PR for it. For now, I've replaced the PR
numbers by ??? in the GDB 7.10 release wiki page...

I thought I did respond to this. I'm confused enough by GIT to not know what the right way to backport a patch from trunk to a release branch is, or how much re-testing is required, and now I'm even more confused by "recreating a PR" and the comments about a wiki since I'm not familiar with GDB's release management processes either. :-S If you can give me more specific instructions I will help, but maybe it would be just as easy for someone who knows what they're doing to handle it?


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