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[PATCH 0/10 v2] Support software single step and conditional breakpoints on ARM in GDBServer.


I'm reposting the whole series since some changes in the bottom of the
patch series stack would cause conflicts and make it difficult for the
rest to apply.

The most important change is the arm_get_next_pc struct changed to use a
pointer for struct get_next_pc base.  This allows the result VEC to work
properly in patch 8.

Other changes are mostly style fixes.

Patches 1 to 3: are OK already.

Patch 4: Needs v2 review.

Patch 5: is OK.

Patch 6 to 8: Needs v2 review.

Patch 9 and 10: are OK.


This patch series adds support for software single step and conditional
breakpoints on ARM in GDBServer.

Patches 1 and 2 fix general issues in the software single step control flow.

Patches 3 to 5 Removes the too simple implementations of software single
step that were in place and paves to way for full software single step to
be implemented.

Patches 6 and 7 Prepares the sharing of the software single step code for
ARM in GDB with GDBServer.

Patch 8 Implements the support for ARM software single step.

Patch 9 Adds support for while-stepping actions.

Patch 10 Adds supports for conditional breakpoints in GDBServer.

This patchset has no observed regressions, tested on ubuntu 14.04 ARMv7 and x86.
With gdbserver-{native,extended} / { -marm -mthumb }

Note also that while I could not test directly thumbv1 instructions with gcc
-marmv4t , manual testing of the software single step was done for thumv1

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