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Re: checked in: Re: RFC: solib.c:solib_map_sections so->so_name clobbering

On 10/26/2013 12:30 AM, Luis Machado wrote:

It looks like this commit introduced a small regression for MI and
shared libraries, and the testsuite does not cover this case.

Suppose we have GDB running on a host and a stub/gdbserver running on a
separate remote target. Suppose shared libraries (for symbols) on the
target are located in a different path compared to the host, say,
<host_path> and <target_path>.

During debugging, eventually the shared libraries will be loaded and we
used to see a shared library load notification like the following:


After this commit, this is what we see:


So it looks like we've lost information about the shared library's path
on the host, which may not be a big deal for CLI GDB, but may confuse
consumers of MI output.

I gave this a quick thought, but reverting the change seemed like the
most obvious solution.

But since this change affects darwin, maybe Joel has a different idea?

This is the commit i was referring to in case my attempt to update the original thread failed:

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