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Re: [RFA/commit] DWARF: Mark all Ada functions as prototyped.

Hi Tom,

> DWARF implies that this attribute is only meaningful for C.  And GCC
> emits it only for C89

Indeed, upon double-checking the DWARF standard, it does seem so.

> ... so I suggest instead inverting the sense here and rewriting it to
> check just for languages that are "C-like" -- DW_LANG_C89, DW_LANG_C,
> What do you think?

I hesitated a bit before doing so, because I think that the concept
of prototyped-or-not might be language-dependent. But, in the end,
I think that language other than C are rarely going to be in the
same category as C (or so I hope!), and we can always adjust the
logic accordingly anyway.

I don't know if we have access to the CU's DW_AT_language attribute
at this point anymore, but it seems simpler to test for language_c
in any case.  There is still the question of language_minimal, auto,
etc, and even maybe asm. For now, I just put them in the same bag
as non-C languages, but it's easy to adjust the patch.

I reviewed the list of languages from the DWARF 4 standard, and
noticed that we did not set the language for DW_LANG_UPC, so
I added that as a first patch.

Hence this RFA now becomes a two-patches RFA:
   [dwarf]: Add DW_LANG_UPC support in set_cu_language.
   [dwarf] Mark all functions as prototyped except C

Let me know what you think...


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