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Re: [RFA] Thread exit messages on MS-Windows

> No one replied, so I'm now converting this into an RFA.  The patch
> below causes GDB on Windows to display thread exit messages like this:
>   [Thread 5920.0x13e4 exited with code 0]
>   [Thread 5920.0x12d0 exited with code 0]
>   [Thread 5920.0x1cbc exited with code 0]

> 2013-04-27  Eli Zaretskii  <>
> 	* windows-nat.c (windows_delete_thread): Accept an additional
> 	argument, the thread's exit code, and announce thread death when
> 	print_thread_events is non-zero and we are deleting a thread that
> 	is not the main thread.
> 	(get_windows_debug_event): Pass thread exit code to
> 	windows_delete_thread.

Looks good to me, modulo the comments already made. It's a little
unusual to see an exit code for a thread, but it could be useful
information, and it does not unnecessarily clutter the output.

> @@ -1513,7 +1517,7 @@ get_windows_debug_event (struct target_o
>        current_process_handle = current_event.u.CreateProcessInfo.hProcess;
>        if (main_thread_id)
>  	windows_delete_thread (ptid_build (current_event.dwProcessId, 0,
> -					   main_thread_id));
> +					   main_thread_id), 0);

One tiny nitpick, very possibly influenced by personal preferences,
so feel free to ignore...  I think that the code would be faster
to read if the added parameter was moved to the next line. That way,
all parameters in call to windows_delete_thread would have the same
indentation level.


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