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Re: [RFA] Thread exit messages on MS-Windows

On 2013-4-27 15:58, Eli Zaretskii wrote:
>> Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2013 12:46:56 +0300
>> From: Eli Zaretskii <>
>> This is from the node "Threads" of the manual:
>>   `set print thread-events'
>>   `set print thread-events on'
>>   `set print thread-events off'
>>        The `set print thread-events' command allows you to enable or
>>        disable printing of messages when GDB notices that new threads have
>>        started or that threads have exited.  By default, these messages
>>        will be printed if detection of these events is supported by the
>>        target.  Note that these messages cannot be disabled on all
>>        targets.
>> However, debugging MinGW programs on MS-Windows, I see only messages
>> about new threads, like this:
>>   [New Thread 6184.0x1bbc]
>>   [New Thread 6184.0x13c8]
>>   [New Thread 6184.0x1a3c]
>> I never see any messages about threads that exited, although examining
>> the details of the program being debugged, I clearly see that most of
>> them did.
>> Does that mean that GDB doesn't support thread exit messages on
>> Windows?  What feature(s) are missing for this support to be
>> available?
>> I can get thread exit messages from windows-nat.c such as
>>   [Deleting Thread 8112.0x1494]
>>   [Deleting Thread 8112.0x11d0]
>> if I "set verbose on", but that mode causes GDB to become much more
>> talkative than I'd like.
>> In thread.c, I see that add_thread_with_info will announce new threads
>> if print_thread_events is non-zero, but I see no similar announcement
>> in delete_thread or its subroutines.  Is this supposed to be handled
>> by target-specific back ends?  I see something like that in, e.g.,
>> linux-nat.c and in inf-ttrace.c, but I'm unsure whether that is a
>> conclusive evidence.
>> If indeed thread deletion should be announced by the target, why this
>> asymmetry with thread creation?
>> TIA for any help or info.
> No one replied, so I'm now converting this into an RFA.  The patch
> below causes GDB on Windows to display thread exit messages like this:
>   [Thread 5920.0x13e4 exited with code 0]
>   [Thread 5920.0x12d0 exited with code 0]
>   [Thread 5920.0x1cbc exited with code 0]
> OK to commit this (on the trunk)?
I just applied your patch, and the result GDB works fine. Great work!

Yuanhui Zhang

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