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[RFA] dwarf2_physname


I have been working on archer's expression parsing (and therefore symbol table madness) for the past year or so. I've managed to fix a lot of C++ problems on my archer-keiths-expr-cumulative branch. I would like to start attempting to push many of these patches into mainline FSF GDB, but of course, as with any large task of this type, the patches are HUGE (5500+ lines).

In an effort to help maintainers assess the code in smaller chunks without introducing new, temporary test suite failures, I'm going to try something "different" -- this patch, and the follow-ons, will not actually do anything until a final patch turns it all on. My hope is that this will be minimally intrusive to GDB's code base, especially given all the talk of a new release.

To start, I would like to submit a patch which is the beginnings of removing GDB's use of the DWARF2 quasi-attribute DW_AT_MIPS_linkage_name. Instead of using this attribute, GDB will start generating physical names itself.

Again, this patch will not actually change the current code path; the main entry, dwarf2_physname is not called (but you can imagine, it will replace all dwarf2_linkage_name calls). Therefore, there are no test suite regressions of any kind.


2009-08-31  Keith Seitz  <>

	* dwarf2read.c (die_list): New file global.
	(physname_prefix): New function.
	(physname_prefix_1): New function.
	(dwarf2_physname): New function.
	(die_needs_namespace): New function.

	Based on work from Daniel Jacobowitz  <>:
	* typeprint.h (c_type_print_args): Declare.
	* ui-file.h (ui_file_obsavestring): Declare.
	* c-typeprint.c (c_type_print_args): Add to global namespace.
	Add "show_articifical" parameter and only print them when
	* ui-file.c (do_ui_file_obsavestring): New function.
	(ui_file_obsavestring): New function.

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