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RE: Mingw gdb validation

  I thought about this a while ago also,
and I was wondering if the best solution would not be to
have a global nl variable defined in gdb.exp
that would depend on the target you are testing.
  I also thought at that time that we should
define two global variables: nl and nls.
"nl" as being something that is a single newline 
defined generally as "\[\r\n\]" but probably as "\[\r\n\]\n?" for mingw32
"nls" if more than one newline is allowed and should generally be simply

  Once these two variables are set in gdb.exp,
we should replace every "\[\r\n\]*" by a "$nls"
and all \[\r\n\]" by "$nl" in the expected answer part of the tests.

   This should allow a lot of currently failing mingw32 test
to succeed.
 It would also have the advantage of not changing
anything for other targets, unless we find other targets that
would benefit from a similar change, but that could then also
be inserted in gdb.exp special cases for nl and nls variables.

  Nevertheless, changing all tests to use nl and nls
is probably not an easy task...

Pierre Muller
Pascal language support maintainer for GDB


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