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Re: random results with the gdb testsuite

Here is part of the log file. At a specific time (p/f *(long long *)) it seems like the debugger hangs up, then all further test are UNRESOLVED.

If I run this test and don't touch my keyboard, don't switch the current window, then it's 100% successful.

If I'm using the console window intensively after having run this test, switching window, using keyboard, then I get the following log where apparently my debugger crash, or just close.
I can't find a way to debug that problem.
Of course all test passed well if executed by hand !

I'm using gdb 6.8 testsuite, hosted on linux with an internal ST debugger based as well on gdb6.8.

$63 = 100100011010001010110011110001001101010111100110111101111 (gdb) PASS: gdb.base/long_long.exp: p/t *(long long *)ll p/a *(long long *)ll $64 = 0x89abcdef (gdb) PASS: gdb.base/long_long.exp: p/a *(long long *)ll p/f *(long long *)ll $65 = 3.5127005640885037e-303 (gdb) PASS: gdb.base/long_long.exp: p/f *(long long *)ll p/c *(long long *)ll $66 = -17 'ERROR: Process no longer exists UNRESOLVED: gdb.base/long_long.exp: p/c *(long long *)ll ERROR: Couldn't send x/w w to GDB. UNRESOLVED: gdb.base/long_long.exp: set examine size to w ERROR: Couldn't send x/x w to GDB. ...

-- Denis

teawater wrote:
I test them in GDB-cvs version a lot of times but not got any fail.
Which testsuite and wich GDB did use?
And maybe you can post your "gdb.log" if you don't mind.

BTW Maybe you need post this mail to

On Thu, Oct 9, 2008 at 17:19, Denis PILAT <> wrote:
Hi all

I am having random results using the gdb testsuite (with dejagnu 1.4.4),
especially for some test like gdb.base/display.exp ,
gdb.base/long_long.exp and gdb.cp/ctti.exp.
Sometime they are successful, sometime 50% fails.

Has anybody already experimented such random behavior ?
Thanks for your answer.

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