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Re: [Gdbheads] A small patch case study, -file-list-exec-source-files

Bob Rossi wrote:

I hope I have not offended anyone here, since honestly, each of the GDB
people I have talked to has done a great job helping me out. It's just the system on a whole that seems to be lacking.

I don't see any fundamental problem here. This is after all a volunteer project and people have limited time to review patches, as they have limited time for anything they do on the project. Of course we all understand that it is frustrating when it takes a while for a patch to be approved, but there is no one who can order someone else to spend more time on this. Now perhaps more people should have approval authority, but that of course has its own draw backs in terms of keeping the entire project under control. There is always a fundamental trade off between reliability/stability/control and adding nice new features.

Can you give some idea of why you feel it is so urgent to get this
patch in place. I don't see it as an urgent matter, and I don't find
this delay unreasonable, but perhaps I am missing something.

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