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Re: remote debugging a multi-threaded program with signal

>>>>> On Fri, 5 Mar 2004 11:38:54 -0500, Daniel Jacobowitz <> said:

>> For gdb without verbose-resume, how about this patch?  With this
>> patch, gdbserver uses general_thread instead of all_threads.head if
>> 'CNN' packet was sent without preceding 'HcNN'.

drow> For one thing, I'm not sure it will work.  But for another, why
drow> is this case important to you?

It solves at least my program case, and I believe it breaks nothing.

I'm still sometimes using (slightly patched) gdb 5.3.  If I can solve
the problem with verbose-resume disabled in current gdb, I suppose the
fixes can be backported to gdb 5.3 easily.  I already tried your fix of
infrun.c with gdb 5.3 and found it solves a part of problem.

drow> Without vCont the problem is fundamentally insoluble; there will
drow> always be a case in which gdbserver mis-guesses which thread it
drow> should continue.  That's why I had to come up with a protocol
drow> change.

Hmm... then it might be better to backport all vCont stuff?  Of course
upgrading to upcoming gdb 6.1 will be the best solution, but I can not
for now by some internal reason ... :-\

Atsushi Nemoto

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