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Re: [ob(ish)/committed] Fix SEGV in hppa_frame_cache

I was happily testing what I hoped would be the latest version of
the next/step patch replacing a complex condition by a frame ID
comparison, when I discovered that it caused a few problems on
HP/UX... But of course, HP/UX just got frame-ified!

Here is a description of the first problem I looked into:

        (in gdb.base)
        % gdb
        (gdb) file coremaker
        (gdb) core-file corefile
        (gdb) up
        *** SEGV ***


What happens is that we hit the following code in hppa_frame_cache():

        /* Yow! */
        u = find_unwind_entry (frame_func_unwind (next_frame));
        if (!u)

That 'll learn me for using the HP compiler :-/

Unfortunately, that return causes the return value to be undefined.
And we later crash while trying to dereference this undefined value
in hppa_frame_this_id().

So I fixed it with the attached patch. This fixed 8 tests.
I didn't commit it to the 6.1 branch yet, as I wanted to wait for
Andrew's comments first. Don't want to disturb the branch too much.

For HP/UX, I think we'll be doing frequent pull-ups - this will be just the first of many bugs :-( Definitly go ahead.

There is also something that bothers me. If I understand this code well,
it looks like we are going to abort the unwinding as soon as we hit a
frame for which we can't find an associated function. Is that correct?

Yes, its taken straight from hppa_frame_find_saved_regs.

> That would be very unfortunate, especially after we manage to install
> the next/step patch I was testing; Once this patch is installed, the
> chances us GDB trying to unwind from an unknown location will be more
> important, no? If we don't know how to find our way out of there, then
> the next/step machinery will be weakened. Andrew, if you confirm my
> understanding is correct, I'll try to see if we can do better.

The code just needs to be sufficient to unwind one level of PC/FP - so that the caller can be found. Having some of the frame saved pc code before the abort would improve things. As for the SP:

You must be looking for a challenge, from frame_chain:

if (!u)
/* We could find this information by examining prologues. I don't
think anyone has actually written any tools (not even "strip")
which leave them out of an executable, so maybe this is a moot
point. */
/* ??rehrauer: Actually, it's quite possible to stepi your way into
code that doesn't have unwind entries. For example, stepping into
the dynamic linker will give you a PC that has none. Thus, I've
disabled this warning. */
#if 0
warning ("Unable to find unwind for PC 0x%x -- Help!", get_frame_pc (t
return (CORE_ADDR) 0;


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