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Re: (toplevel patch) Use canonical names for target_subdir, build_subdir.

Alexandre Oliva wrote:
On Jan 24, 2003, Nathanael Nerode <> wrote:

Use the canonical build and target names for build_subdir and target_subdir.

Not ok.  athlon-linux-gnu is canonicalized to i686-linux-gnu, so we
can't use the same directories for both of them.  (Consider building a
compiler on athlon that must run on i686, or on the other way round).
Eeech.  All right.

I see where you're coming from, but we're really going to have to bite
the bullet and duplicate autoconf 2.5x's behavior WRT machine name
You mean autoconf 2.13's behavior, I assume...

variables, or convince autoconf folks to give us some means to obtain
the defaulted values, which shouldn't be too hard. Say, if configure
could set {build,host,target}_noncanonical to whatever autoconf 2.13
used to set as {build,host,target}_alias, we'd be all set. Bonus
points of they actually agree to go back to setting the _alias
variables in a backward-compatible way,
They won't, and frankly I agree with them.

> while setting _cmdline to
whatever was passed in the command line.
OK. I'll do this the easy way: I'll write Autoconf macros which determine the "target_subdir" and "build_subdir" (exactly the same way they're determined now), put the macros in an include file, and rewrite the configure scripts to include it. How does that sound?


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